Indoor Cycling Workout 12-22-2010

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Indoor Cycling Workouts
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Today’s workout is a mix of an aerobic and anaerobic workout with a goal of getting you used to pushing a gear at a faster pace. This will get you stronger for next season and help sustain a faster pace in a harder gear, thus allowing you to go faster.

I also added a little technique work with some 1 legged drills. The goal of these is two-fold. First, it is a great recovery set which you will appreciate after the 2nd tempo set. Second, it helps you with your form with both pushing down on the pedals and pulling up. With these sets, watch your cadence and power output (if you have it available) and make sure you are consistent all the way around the pedal stroke. For example: maintain 90 rpm for a full revolution on a single leg and don;t let it drop off (up or down) more than 1 RPM for the :40 sec set.

Good luck with this one and have a happy holiday!


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