Hill Simulation today! Start off with the standard warm up of 5 min with 3 x :30 sec sprints to get the blood flowing. First set is 10 min of :30 in the saddle at your tempo pace (90+ RPM) and the 2nd :30 sec is standing@ 70+ rpm. Add 3 gears from your flat road then repeat

@nd set is a 10 min hill where you start at flat road -1 gear, then add a gear every minute for 6 minutes. At minute 6, stand for the entire minute. Minutes 7-10 sit back down and back down a gear every :20 sec until you get back to start. The last set is a set of 2 min intervals that changes every :30 sec. First :30 is at flat road pace. Second :30 is flat road + 3 and stand. Third :30 is flat road -1 and sprint at 100 + RPM and take the last :30 sec as recovery.

Good hill simulation that will really work the slow twitch muscles as well as simulate real outdoor riding conditions.


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