This workout focuses on cycling power in Watts. The best way to determine your base or functional threshold power (FTP) output is to perform a cycling field test. If you have done this teat and you know your FTP, you will start off at 70% of your FTP in the 1st set. If you don;t know your FTP number, that is ok, we can get you close with this workout as long as you have the ability to read power in watts. Many of the new spin bikes (i.e. Keiser) have this reading available.

After the warm up, we do a 5 x 1 min on / :20 sec off and increase a gear as you go. This should get you good and warmed up fr the 1st main set.

This set is hard and focuses on consistency throughout the workout. Start off in your flat road gear (approx 70% of your FTP) and check your power output after :20 – :30 sec. Remember this number and maintain within +/- 4 watts. Now it gets harder. Minutes 3-4 increase your power output by 10-20 watts. To do this you will need to increase a gear and/or increase your cadence. Maintain this power output +/- 4 watts for the entire 2 minutes. The back down your gears and recover for a full 2 minutes. Repeat this set 3 times.

The last set is a 2.5 min interval set with :60 sec of recovery built in.

Good luck with this one and really focus on the consistency, especially in the later intervals!


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