Today’s workout is all about tempo pace and maintaining consistent power output. The first set is 5 x 5 min intervals. The first 2 minutes is spent pushing a bigger gear then you are used to at 95+ RPM. Take a short break then you will switch into a larger gear for :45 sec, then an easier gear at 105+ RPM for :45 sec followed by a minute of recovery. The key is to maintain the same pace / power output throughout all 5 sets. This set really translates well to riding outside and helps you ride faster in that larger gear while still maintaining the 90+ cadence.
Next is a power interval set where you maintain 90+ RPM through 3 gear changes and only a :15 sec recovery for each set.
The final set is 7 sets of :30 sec spin ups. Pedal as fast as you can while still maintaining good form, little to no bouncing in the saddle and controlled upper body.



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