Finally a New Post – Indoor Cycling Workout 9-7-11

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Indoor Cycling Workouts, Uncategorized
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After what seemed to be a very short summer focusing on triathlon training with my athletes, I am back in the spin room and ready to post some new workouts. I spent a majority of my summer racing Xterra off-road Triathlons with my next focus on the Xterra national Championship Race at the end of this month. That being said, this workout is geared towards short, burst type intervals with 10-30 sec sprints.  This is perfect for the late summer races, mountain bike or cyclocross type intervals.

Warmup as usual then flow right into a ladder set: 1 min, 2 min, 3 min and 4 min at varying pace with :60 sec of rest in between. The go into a set of :30 sec sprints in a moderate gear and a high cadence (RPM). A little technique work with 1 legged drills – 3 sets on each leg increase a gear with each interval. The key is to have enough gear so that you are doing the work, and the momentum is not carrying you over the top. The last set is 7 min of :50 sec at a tempo pace with a :10 sec sprint at the end of each minute. The back to the tempo pace and repeat.



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