Apparently, I have been half slacking on my weekly cycling posts as I added the workout to my template, just didn’t update it to the blog. I’m not making excuses, but the spill I took on the bike must have taken a greater toll then I thought…anyway here is the workout for this week.

7 min of warm up: 2 min easy, 1 x :30 sec  @ 90 RPM, @ 30 sec easy. 3 :40 / :20’s each one get faster.

The main set consists of 3 sets each of some 3 minute intervals, 2 minute intervals and 1 minute intervals. Start off with 3 sets of 3 minute intervals.

  • Start off in your base gear (90 RPM gear) then add a gear. Maintain 95+ RPM for the first minute. If you are using a power meter, keep the power consistent (+/- 5 watts) during the 1st minute. Then add a gear and keep the cadence over 90 RPM (same protocol if using a power meter). Spend the last-minute as :30 sec +1 more gear 80+ RPM and :30 sec +1 more gear at 85+ RPM. Take 1 min of rest between intervals.
  • For the 2 minute intervals, start off the same (Base gear +1) but this time only maintain 90+ RPM. And again, if you are using a power meter, keep the power consistent (+/- 5 watts) during the 1st minute. Add 3 more gears and spin at 75 RPM or faster for :30 sec, then back down 4 gears and spin at 100+ for the last :30 sec. 1 min rest between intervals.
  • The last section is 1 min intervals. These are time trial type efforts: hard, steady state efforts. Like before, the plan is your base gear +1 @ 95+ RPM. Keep the same consistency between all 3 intervals by maintain the same RPM (+/- 2 RPM) or the same power output (+/- 5 watts). These should be very hard to maintain the efforts pushing your anaerobic / lactate threshold. 1 min recovery between each interval.
  • Finish up with some :40/:20’s – :40 sec of work, :20 sec of recovery. Rather then describe the changes, you can see them in the list on the chart. Don’t forget to spend 5 min spinning easy when you are done!



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