This week’s cycling workout simulates pack riding and racing with some big gear and high cadence (RPM) efforts. Start off with some :20 sec high cadence spins followed by : 20 sec easy as a warm up.

The first set is 5 sets of 5 minute intervals. Each interval has 1 minute of recovery built-in but there a lot of gear changes on this one. Start off in your base gear (gear you can easily maintain that 90 RPM pace) for :30 sec. Then add a gear and bump up the pace to 95 + RPM. Add 3 more gears and slow the pace down to 70 RPM’s or faster. Take :30 sec easy by backing down 6 gears or shift to your small chainring. Back to your base gear + 2 and maintain 80-90 RPM for a minute – keep the pace consistent (RPM’s +/- 1 or if using a power meter +/- 5 watts). Now back down 2 gears and pick up the pace to 100+ RPM for :30 sec. Working recovery for :30 sec by backing down 2 more gears or shift to the small chaniring. 2 minutes of recovery after the last of the 5 intervals.

Next set is a short, time trial type effort where the key is consistent power output (watts) or RPM’s. Base gear + 1 at 95 RPM or faster for :50 sec, :small chainring for :10 then hit a second set. Keep the power the same or increase it between sets.

The last set is an easy :30 sec at 100, :30 sec at 90 and decrease a gear after each interval. Cool down for 5 minutes and stretch afterwards.


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