Indoor Cycling Workout for 1/11/12

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Indoor Cycling Workouts
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In this workout, there is a little of everything. After the warm-up, start off with an aerobic set of 6 x 2 min efforts with a :30 sec recovery after each one. Each 2 minute interval uses a different gear / RPM range. Next is a 5 min, steady state tempo pace interval. The goal is to maintain the same Cadence (RPM) or Power output (watts) for the entire interval. After a short recovery, is a threshold set. This set you will push your perceived exertion to an 8-9 out of 10. This will put you into an Anaerobic (90-100 % of your max Heart Rate) or possibly into your VO2 max (over 100% of your max HR) zone depending on how hard you push it.

Wrap up this work out with some up and downs or what I like to call 20 /20’s. These are 20 seconds at 100+rpm and 20 seconds easy.
Finish up with 5 min of easy spinning.


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