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This workout can be done on the road as well but is best completed on a trainer. After a longer warmup of almost 15 minutes, you will perform 5 sets of 4 minutes at your threshold pace or 100 RPM in your flat road gear. There are 2 minute recoveries between each of the sets. The key to this workout is to maintain your RPM and / or Power output from the first set all the way through to set number five. Longer cool down on this one as well to be sure the legs are receiving all of the benefit of the workout efforts.

This is another great, early season triathlon or time trial type workout to help determine your fitness level.


This will be the first of many indoor time trial cycling workouts geared towards triathletes. These are the hardest to do but are have the most impact when teaching our bodies to push bigger gears more efficiently and at higher RPM’s.

In this workout, there are 2 sets of 10 min time trials with a 5 min recovery between sets. The speed ramps up throughout the set and ends up at 120 RPM’s or faster for the last 60 seconds. The last set is what I call 20 second killers. Twelve sets of: 20 seconds easy, 20 seconds @ 120 RPM, 20 sec easy and 20 sec standing sprint.

Hard but effective workout that should only be done 1-2 times per month.