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I’m a few weeks behind in getting this workout posted. It’s amazing that time goes by so quickly.  Anyway, this cycling workout is back to the harder, interval type sessions that I enjoy teaching. Start off with an easy warm up then hit the meat of the workout.

The first set is a series of six 2 min intervals. Start off in base gear @ 90 RPM and maintain a nice steady pace (+/- 2 RPM or +/- 5 Watts) for the entire 2 min. Then take an easy :30 sec in base gear -2 then on to Interval #2. For the second one, add 2 gears and maintain 80 + RPM. The 3rd one is base gear +4 @ 70 RPM, and the 4th interval is base gear -2 @ 100 RPM. Next is the 5th interval which is back to base +2 @ 80 RPM, then the 6th interval is base gear +1 @ 95 RPM. After the 6th interval, take an easy 2 min in base gear -2.

The second set is a 5 min random interval Start off in base gear. From there, add a random gear of up to 4 over base to -2 under base every :30 – :60 sec. For example, start off in base gear for :30 sec, then add 2 gears @ 80 RPM for :45, then add another gear @ 75 RPM for :30 sec, etc.

Next is a threshold interval set which cinsists of 6 :30 sec intervals. These are near an all out effort performed at base gear +2 at 100+ RPM. Consistency is the key here and the goal is to maintain the same pace (RPM or Watts) throughout all 6 intervals. Your heart rate should reach Zone 4 to Zone 5 by the last interval.

Finish up with some :20 sec intervals to “shake” the legs out with some high cadence spins. Cool down for another 5-10 min to be sure and bring the heart rate down at a nice slow pace and give the legs time to recover. Image


Hills! This workout will simulate riding varying terrain with a set of four, 5 minute hill intervals. Easy warm up followed by a 3 min random interval to be sure the legs are good and ready for the hills. Essentially, the 4 hills have the same format: 4 min of low cadence work, 60-85 RPM, followed by 1 minute of fast spinning at 100+ rpm’s. This should be slightly easier on your cardiovascular system by keeping your heart rate at a lower range and out of the higher VO2 max range. You may still get up to the Anaerobic range (80-95% of max HR). The hills are defined in the table and vary slightly between them.

After the hills, you will hit a short, threshold set just to see what you have left in the legs. These are 3 x :30 sec on, :30 sec of recovery at a very high (Rate of perceived exertion of a 9+). The key with these is a consistent pace, either the same RPM or the same power output (Watts) across the intervals.

Finish up with a longer cool down to help flush any lactic acid out of the legs.


ImageHappy New Year!  I hope everyone who follows the cycling workouts here at SpinPipeline and are ready for another rockin’ year in 2012!  That being said, sorry for not posting for a while, but I have been “off the grid” travelling to Hawaii for the Ironman and Xterra World Championships with some of our athletes then down to South America for some pre-season training. But we are back and ready to post some more killer Indoor Cycling Workouts!

Here we go! For this week, We will focus on some more tempo pace intervals while maintaining a consistent cadence (rpm) or Power (watt) output. After a longer then usual workout, we will go into a 7 min set of tempo intervals. These will closely simulate group riding in a paceline. Start off in your base or flat road gear then add another gear. Maintain 95+ rpm (or what ever the equivilent Watts output for those of you with a power meter) for 50 seconds. Next, hit an even faster sprint for 10 seconds before returning immediately back to tempo pace. After 7 min take a 3 min easy spin in your small chainring.

Second set is a descending ladder where you start off in base gear  + 4 and maintain between 65 & 75 RPM. From there you will drop a gear every minute for 5 minutes and increase your cadence (RPM) by 5 ex: the 2nd minute you should be in base gear -3 at 70-80 rpm’s. Take an easy minute of recovery.

The last set is another set of the 50 sec at tempo pace, 10 second sprint set. After 7 minutes on this set, take another 3 minutes off. The key to this set, like the first one, is to maintain the same effort either RPM or Power Output (watts) during  all 7 tempo intervals.

Wrap up this workout with some spinups. Do 30 sec on and 30 sec recovery. 30 sec “on” is done as 10 sec @ 100+ rpm, after 10 sec increase speed by 10 rpm and finish out the last 10 sec by 10 additional rpm (120+ rpm range). Cool down with some easy sprints and some smooth pedals drills.

In this week’s SpinPipeline, we will do LOTS of short intervals. This workout will really test your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and help to increase your VO2 max levels. Short recoveries (:15 – :20 sec) so take advantage if every second yet don’t take any extra!

First set is 4 x 1 minute intervals with :20 sec recoveries. The first on is at your base gear (gear you can easily maintain 90 RPM’s) and pedal at 90-100 RPM’s for :60 sec. After the :20 sec recovery in your small chainring or shift up 2-3 gears, go for another :60 sec in your base gear but maintain 5 RPM’s faster than where you were on the 1st interval. The 3rd interval is at base gear -1 gear and maintain 100+ RPM’s for :60 sec. Final interval is base gear +2 @ 80-90 RPM’s. Don;t forget you get :20 sec of recovery between intervals!

The second set is what I like to call Power Intervals.  You will do 5 sets (5 minutes total) of this. Basically, you add a gear every :15 sec (3 gears  or :45 total) and maintain 90+ RPM. Start off in your base gear at 90 RPM, : 15 sec later, add a gear and maintain 90+ RPM. :15 sec later, add another gear and keep the pace at 90+ RPM’s. Back down 4 gears or back down 2 gears and go to your small chainring for :15. Then hit the same set again for 4 more times. I think the 4th set is always the hardest. But like all of these workouts, keep it consistent from 1 interval to the next.

The 3rd set is the same as the 1st set with the 4 x :60 sec intervals at different gears. The final set is another power interval set with the goal to maintain or increase your pace over what you did in the 1st power interval set.

Finish up with some easy :30 sec on / :30 sec off intervals plus an easy spin and stretch.

I’m still a little behind on my weekly workout posts, but I should be caught up soon!  This one is a mixture of aerobic, anaerobic and some real riding simulations. Focus on your power output and/or your RPM’s and keep it consistent throughout the interval. The 3rd set will be tough so be sure to really focus on the consistency in either your power output or cadence (RPM’s).

The first set is an extension of the warm up. Start off in base gear and spin at 90 + RPM’s for :60 sec. Take a :20 sec recovery in you small chainring or by shifting down 2 gears. Next is a :60 sec interval at base gear + 1 at 85 RPM’s, then a :20 sec recovery (same as the 1st minute). Followed by another :60 sec interval at base + 2 and this time 80+ RPM for :60. Take an easy minute then repeat the entire set.

Four minute intervals make up the second set. Start off in base + 1 and pedal at 95 + RPM’s for :60 sec, then the pace changes every :30 sec. Rather then explain it here, it will be easier to follow the chart below. Repeat the 4 minute intervals for 4 sets or 24 total minutes including the 2 minutes of rest between sets.

Finally, finish up with some 2 minute intervals. These are time trial type efforts and the goal is to maintain a consistent power output with your power meter. If you don’t have a power meter, keep a consistent RPM (+/- 2 RPM’s) for the entire 2 minutes. :20 sec recoveries then repeat 2 more times.

Cool down for 5-10 minutes and be sure to stretch well afterwards.

This week’s cycling workout simulates pack riding and racing with some big gear and high cadence (RPM) efforts. Start off with some :20 sec high cadence spins followed by : 20 sec easy as a warm up.

The first set is 5 sets of 5 minute intervals. Each interval has 1 minute of recovery built-in but there a lot of gear changes on this one. Start off in your base gear (gear you can easily maintain that 90 RPM pace) for :30 sec. Then add a gear and bump up the pace to 95 + RPM. Add 3 more gears and slow the pace down to 70 RPM’s or faster. Take :30 sec easy by backing down 6 gears or shift to your small chainring. Back to your base gear + 2 and maintain 80-90 RPM for a minute – keep the pace consistent (RPM’s +/- 1 or if using a power meter +/- 5 watts). Now back down 2 gears and pick up the pace to 100+ RPM for :30 sec. Working recovery for :30 sec by backing down 2 more gears or shift to the small chaniring. 2 minutes of recovery after the last of the 5 intervals.

Next set is a short, time trial type effort where the key is consistent power output (watts) or RPM’s. Base gear + 1 at 95 RPM or faster for :50 sec, :small chainring for :10 then hit a second set. Keep the power the same or increase it between sets.

The last set is an easy :30 sec at 100, :30 sec at 90 and decrease a gear after each interval. Cool down for 5 minutes and stretch afterwards.

Apparently, I have been half slacking on my weekly cycling posts as I added the workout to my template, just didn’t update it to the blog. I’m not making excuses, but the spill I took on the bike must have taken a greater toll then I thought…anyway here is the workout for this week.

7 min of warm up: 2 min easy, 1 x :30 sec  @ 90 RPM, @ 30 sec easy. 3 :40 / :20’s each one get faster.

The main set consists of 3 sets each of some 3 minute intervals, 2 minute intervals and 1 minute intervals. Start off with 3 sets of 3 minute intervals.

  • Start off in your base gear (90 RPM gear) then add a gear. Maintain 95+ RPM for the first minute. If you are using a power meter, keep the power consistent (+/- 5 watts) during the 1st minute. Then add a gear and keep the cadence over 90 RPM (same protocol if using a power meter). Spend the last-minute as :30 sec +1 more gear 80+ RPM and :30 sec +1 more gear at 85+ RPM. Take 1 min of rest between intervals.
  • For the 2 minute intervals, start off the same (Base gear +1) but this time only maintain 90+ RPM. And again, if you are using a power meter, keep the power consistent (+/- 5 watts) during the 1st minute. Add 3 more gears and spin at 75 RPM or faster for :30 sec, then back down 4 gears and spin at 100+ for the last :30 sec. 1 min rest between intervals.
  • The last section is 1 min intervals. These are time trial type efforts: hard, steady state efforts. Like before, the plan is your base gear +1 @ 95+ RPM. Keep the same consistency between all 3 intervals by maintain the same RPM (+/- 2 RPM) or the same power output (+/- 5 watts). These should be very hard to maintain the efforts pushing your anaerobic / lactate threshold. 1 min recovery between each interval.
  • Finish up with some :40/:20’s – :40 sec of work, :20 sec of recovery. Rather then describe the changes, you can see them in the list on the chart. Don’t forget to spend 5 min spinning easy when you are done!